Rxvt-Unicode Terminal Colors

August 13, 2008

Many people overlook urxvt’s ability to display colors in the terminal. They just stick with what it came with and use the default ANSI colors.

ANSI Terminal Colors

ANSI Terminal Colors

I found a great color scheme at this website, but it was only for iTerm — whose settings file doesn’t agree with the standard ~/.Xdefaults files used on other UNIX-like systems.

Using GIMP’s color selector, I was able to figure out each of the 16 colors and port them to urxvt.

InfiniteRed Colors

InfiniteRed Colors

If you think thats better, here’s my .Xdefaults file:

urxvt*foreground: #f2f2f2
urxvt*background: #101010

! Normal
! color0    black
! color1    red
! color2    green
! color3    yellow
! color4    blue
! color5    purple
! color6    cyan
! color7    white

urxvt*color0:    #6c6c6c
urxvt*color1:    #e9897c
urxvt*color2:    #b6e77d
urxvt*color3:    #ecebbe
urxvt*color4:    #a9cdeb
urxvt*color5:    #ea96eb
urxvt*color6:    #c9caec
urxvt*color7:    #f2f2f2

! Light
! color8    black
! color9    red
! color10    green
! color11    yellow
! color12    blue
! color13    purple
! color14    cyan
! color15    white

urxvt*color8:    #747474
urxvt*color9:    #f99286
urxvt*color10:    #c3f786
urxvt*color11:    #fcfbcc
urxvt*color12:    #b6defb
urxvt*color13:    #fba1fb
urxvt*color14:    #d7d9fc
urxvt*color15:    #e2e2e2

I also turn off the scrollbar with urxvt*scollbar: false and add a border with urxvt*internalborder: 6.

Also, InfiniteRed has a Vim and TextMate color scheme.


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